Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act!

December 16, 2014 will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act.  In anticipation of that important milestone, ASDWA has developed and gathered some information to help you join in the celebration.  We have created a special portion of our web site dedicated to this anniversary where you will find the following materials: 

  • A narrative history of our collective progress under the SDWA, from a state drinking water program perspective
  • A customizable press release and Governor’s proclamation
  • Information about a December 9th celebration of the 40th anniversary
  • Testimonials from four state drinking water program administrators
  • Other resources and links (including a link to EPA’s 40th anniversary web page and a special video developed by the Minnesota drinking water program)

Visit the ASDWA web site at:  http://www.asdwa.org/40thanniversary.


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