Plan Now to Promote Fix a Leak Week in March!

Fix a leak week

The eighth annual Fix a Leak Week will take place March 14 – 20 this year.  State drinking water programs and WaterSense partners are encouraged to promote this week with your water systems and communities through newsletters and social media, and hosting leak detective-themed events.  Fixing indoor and outdoor leaks can reduce the more than 1 trillion gallons of water lost each year in homes across the country and each household can save more than 10,000 gallons of water on average by taking three simple steps to:  “check, twist, and replace.”  For more information and resources, and to see what some WaterSense utility partners have done to help consumers in their area nip drips, view the WaterSense Current Winter 2016 newsletter HERE.


Plan Now for National Groundwater Awareness week in March!




National Groundwater Awareness Week will take place again this year from March 6-12. The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) encourages you to promote this week to support groundwater awareness on your websites and social media, and share with your water systems.  This week provides an excellent opportunity to educate the public about groundwater and its importance to public health, quality of life, and the environment.  Following are links to a variety of messages and materials NGWA has created about groundwater and water well stewardship (including information for private well maintenance).  Some can be used as is and others can be adapted, modified, or customized to your state or locale.

This year, NGWA has also developed a news media database (via excel download) send news releases and announcements to the media.  This will help you further promote your organization and groundwater awareness in conjunction with Groundwater Awareness Week.  To make it easy to locate news media in your state, go to the telephone number column. The area codes are in descending numerical order so you can easily pick out media with area codes in your state. Then just copy and paste the corresponding email addresses in order to email a news release, news advisory, an invitation to interview, an announcement, etc.

Please join NGWA and the promotional partners (including ASDWA) in letting the public know about groundwater and how to be a good groundwater and water well steward. A big thanks goes out to those state agencies that have already committed and are listed on the Groundwater Awareness Week web page!   To be listed as a promotional partner, for more information, and to ask questions, please contact Cliff Treyens of NGWA at