About Source Water News

Source Water News

ASDWA’s Source Water News (SW News) is intended to improve outreach and information sharing for state staff engaged in source water protection and sustainability, climate change, and nutrient pollution related efforts.  This new “blog” format will become our principal communication vehicle for sharing news and other interesting bits of information with state source water contacts and drinking water program staff.  The news and information we share on the blog is expected to be helpful and useful, but not critically time sensitive.

Source Water on ASDWA.org

Use the links below to visit the various sections of the Source Water section of ASDWA.org, located at www.asdwa.org/sourcewater. You can also use the link in the Main Navigation, above, to jump to Source Water on ASDWA.org.

  • Source Water Protection: This page includes information about national, state, and local source water protection projects and activities, tools and resources, and links to state source water pages and other organizations involved in source water protection issues.
  • Source Water Sustainability and Climate Change: This page includes information about source water quantity and sustainability (including information about WAVS, climate change, drought, hydraulic fracturing, and ethanol production).
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus “Nutrient” Pollution: This page provides current information, resources, and links about nitrogen and phosphorus pollution (nutrient) issues, as well as current efforts being undertaken to document and address them.

Request More Information

For general Source Water inquiries, please contact:

Deirdre Mason, ASDWA

For questions related to Source Water News Blog or ASDWA.org, please contact:

Anthony DeRosa, ASDWA


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